Brand Concept

Ompure was born with the intention to uplift women of all ages to their feminine essence. We at Ompure have created a line of exotic funky casual designs with a flair of sacredness that feels comfortable and stunning without being overdressed. When adorned in Ompure you walk in beauty with confidence, exuding elegance and style. Ompure has lovingly considered woman from all paths of life and created a collection of fashionable style to enhance all She is.  Combining spirit and soul in a unique blend of designs, Ompure has woven into each piece the intention to express the goddess within. Ompure IS THE ESSENCE OF YOU…

Ompure’s mission is to assist in the growth and rise of women’s empowerment and liberation world wide. By lending our support and our encouragement to women to reclaim their wild and alluring nature, we believe their soulful radiance will effortlessly spread out. When one woman has regained the value of her own self worth and stands proud and strong within her own realm, she naturally inspires all those around her to follow in her footsteps. Ompure’s collections can be accessed through it’s online website or in one of it’s numerous store locations found throughout the world. Covering a worldwide distribution and offering free shipping on all orders about $150 Ompure is confident to connect each and every woman back to herself.
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“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” – Chinese Proverb.